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  Lifting weights
Posted by: Alexandoy - 08-11-2017, 09:21 AM - Forum: Off Topic Discussions - Replies (1)

Not everyone can indulge in lifting weights. I was a skinny lad in my teenage days and I had resorted to lifting weights to put on muscles. But I had experienced some abdominal pains that was suspected to be hernia. That stopped my venture in weightlifting. That's also a lesson for my friends who were planning to lift weights although some of them pursued that direction and had developed good muscles. So that means not everyone can lift weights.

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  Bad decision in UFC women's match
Posted by: Alexandoy - 08-11-2017, 09:05 AM - Forum: Boxing / MMA / Martial Arts - No Replies

The recent UFC strawweight fight of Alexa Grasso and Randa Markos ended in a split decision in favor of Grasso. Take note that the venue is Mexico and Grasso is Mexican hence she was the crowd favorite. Thinking that Markos was shortchanged, I watched the replay at night and scored the fight. My first impression remained that Markos should have won it by unanimous decision. It seems that the UFC judges are showing their bias. They better find good judges before their league is tarnished with favoritism.

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Video Muay boran tecniques
Posted by: PartyPoison - 08-06-2017, 04:21 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

I stumbled upon what appears to be a thai media music video production that depicts some muay boran forms. The video features Buakaw and some other seemingly influent people in the muay thai scene.
Are the techniques depicted here accurate, can i learn anything from observing these moves?
Here is the youtube link to what i am talking about since i don't know how to embed i it:


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  Flyweights in UFC
Posted by: Alexandoy - 08-06-2017, 05:31 AM - Forum: Boxing / MMA / Martial Arts - Replies (1)

We saw today the 5-round fight of young upcoming flyweights in UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship, between Sergio Pettis of the USA and Brandon Moreno of Mexico. Pettis is a striker and Moreno is a grappler who got the upper hand in the first round. But Pettis found his mark with his precision punching that earned for him the nod of the judges. Expect Pettis to fight for the championship belt next time.

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  New here - Starting muay thai at the only club in town
Posted by: PartyPoison - 08-05-2017, 06:05 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Greetings everyone! I am a new member of this forum and i've been into muay thai for about a year yet i couldn't managed to get myself into actually practicing until now.
I am 20 years old
6 ft/ 1.83m
weight 95 kg ( slightly overweight but decent muscle mass )
left handed

I wanted to find a good place to train but most of the gyms i visited were only using muay thai as a marketing tool for kickboxing classes. Eventually i found a place to train rel muay thai, and to my surprise its not one of those comercial-looking places wich is a good thing.
I talked to the coach and he told me he won't accept anyone in the club unless they pass certain physical tests ( USA APFT - like)
wich consists of
-40 pushups without break,
- 40 crunches in a min
-300 meters sprint in under a minute
-one mile run in under a certain time limit

At the time i visited the gym i wasn't able to pass the tests and to be honest, i can't pass em now either but i'm working on it.
i am close to ace the pushups part with decent form pushups and
i can do the crunches but the running is not my forte

I would be grateful to hear any piece of advice regarding the gym, possible workouts or even regarding self-studying general aspects of the art.


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  Have you ever tried to do some crazy diet?
Posted by: Shine_Spirit - 07-30-2017, 07:05 PM - Forum: Diet and Supplements - Replies (4)

Some fighters mistakenly choose to follow some crazy diets to try to get good results in faster ways, ignoring the fact that the harms these types of diets can do. Often only realizing it only when they have some kind of health problem. This is very worrying.

What do you think about it?

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  Female fighters?
Posted by: Kuro - 07-30-2017, 03:58 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

I've been practicing martial arts since I was 6 years old. I started practicing Tae Kwon Do and from 30 students, only 3 of us were female (and at 6, I was the youngest). After that, I practiced karate and aikido, and again the female presence was minimum. I wanted to know if there are any female fighters around here. As for me, it was a struggle to get my parents to let me go practice as a kid (mostly due to stereotypes and that one time I came home all bruised up after a specially good training at 7 Angel). Nowadays, there aren't that many stereotypes about female fighters, but I keep seeing more guys than girls.

What has been your experience as a fighter? What's your story?

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  What's the best exercise to have nice firm breasts?
Posted by: Rossy - 07-30-2017, 12:46 PM - Forum: Training Logs - Replies (1)

As ladies age, their breasts gets bigger and starts sagging. Well, sagged breasts are not the most attractive. Some choose to go the medical way to make them perfect. The surgical way is costly and not affordable to most people. I would love to know some of the exercise that would be recommended.

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  What's the best natural source of retinoids?
Posted by: Rossy - 07-30-2017, 12:38 PM - Forum: Diet and Supplements - Replies (2)

Retinoids are the remedy for any person out there struggling to remain young. According to my research, retinoids are found in fish, eggs and liver. Beef liver has the highest amounts. I would love to know if there are other natural sources.

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  The knee or an elbow strike?
Posted by: Raw878 - 07-30-2017, 10:09 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

We all know the famous Thai saying: "The knee is the king". I, however, find an elbow slash from a clinch to be more damaging than a knee strike.

You can condition your core (the abs) to withstand knee strikes but you cannot condition your face against an elbow slash. Knee to the face has a great KO potential but elbow has a great chance of TKO.

So many fights end by TKO because one of the fighters foreheads has been cut open by an elbow.

What is your opinion? Which one of the strikes is more damaging to the opponent?
Shouldn't elbow be the king?

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