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Which martial art has the easiest/quickest basic moveset to learn?
I know it would take years to master a specific martial art, but what do you think is the easiest or quickest art form to learn the basics in? I'm curious at what your martial arts are, and how long did it take you to learn the basics and confidently say you know "how to fight" in your specific art form.
No one's answering? Haha! Well I'll start, for me it's boxing maybe? You don't have to use your legs to strike, just some basic footwork, and I'm pretty sure it's basic instinct to hit somebody with a closed fist, so all you do is try to time your strikes and make it as full of impact as possible. That's basically it, you just keep your arms up to block, strike when there's an opening, use your footwork to maneuver and find an opening, and you're done. It sounds simple, but it would take a lot of training and practice to make it lethal though.
From what I've read, Krav Maga is quite an easy martial arts form to learn. Any person, even those who wasn't exposed to any martial arts before, can learn Krav Maga easily. It's a very well-rounded approach for training and even helps you defend yourself in real life situations. However, it's recommended to combine it with other grappling forms of martial arts.

Boxing, Judo and Jiujitsu are great options for grappling types of martial arts. Jiujitsu can be difficult to learn and it might seem like you're not progressing in the start. But after 6 months and so, you would start to see the difference. Boxing can be learned even by beginners and skinny individuals.

I hope this helps!
Sorry had been busy these past couple of weeks, but surprisingly not I think Kung Fu was pretty easy as I was a child. Probably because our minds was smaller and was capable of learning very fast, but it was a fast transition into Muay Thai.
Boxing is the one sport I believe wouldn't take much time to learn. But it takes a lot of time to master those moves and improve your speed and agility to tackle the opponent. But Boxing is the easiest to learn just as a basic Art. But everybody who learns to Box cannot participate in a match. One has to spend years to strengthen your Upper Body Strength and improve agility and your Stamina to take a punch and still stand up on their feet.
boxing is still the basics.... but its still hard to master.......
you must also integrate it with some form of kicking to make it a well rounded approach......

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