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What made you choose Muay Thai over the other martial arts?
I just started out of curiosity because I had practiced other martial arts before. But what made me stay in Muay Thai, was mainly the philosophy of the martial art itself (I think it's very different - in a good way, of course - and that captivated me).

There are other reasons obviously, but I think that was the main one.
In my case it was just by chance, somehow I read aout Muay Thai kind of Martial Arts online and I was kind of thrilled at the nature of the activities. Out of curiosity I started reading more and doing some of the demonstrations. I knew I'd need this form of exercise for attacks and defense at any time. That made me develop more interest on Muay Thai.
I am Sutton one mentioned the Wai Kru and other more spiritual aspects of this discipline.

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Not Sutton, surprised.
Can't turn off this spellcheck and auto complete.

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I chose Muay Thai because it is far more effective fighting style than Karate or Taekwondo. I love the fact that main tool of learning Muay Thai is by sparring and not by punching the air. I also like fighting in the clinch utilizing knees and elbows
Addicted to Muay Thai

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