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What are some of your bad habits?
I wish there was a way to see who would actually be the worst procrastinator, because I really do think that I would have a chance to win that one. I am glad to see that that is really the bad habits of other people, because that is definitely one of my bigger ones that gets in my way. I used to have some really bad ones though, so I guess I cannot complain too much.
Eating pizza is a bad habit of mine, it's my favorite food so it's hard to not eat it. I did try to make vegan pizza which I was successful at. I want to experiment with pizza and make healthier ones that taste good still. Also, stressing myself out when things get a little rough or when I am tired.
Laziness. It's the worst bad habit in the world. It's the thing that is constantly pulling you back into your comfort zone. However, in order to succeed, you must go farther and farther away from it.
Eating unhealthy food, I'm a sucker for chocolate cake and late night fast food runs. Over eating can be a problem also, I like how Big Kev worded it, Viking Feasts. I've noticed that my behavior is to cycle through healthy and unhealthy phases of eating. Ever since I've become aware of this I've be able to control it.
Man I love you guys so much right now. Just reading through your posts makes it obvious that we're all getting some purging done in this thread! And yes, I read them all Smile

I have a mean rockstar addiction and I hate it Sad which is also a synthetic vitamin cocktail addiction, a HFCS addition, processed sugar addiction all wrapped up into do I do Sad
As many people tend to mention overly eating here, I think I gotta acknowledge this, too. In the past, I gained some extra kilos just because of that. And it wasn't easy to just drop them.
Gotta remember that unless you're eating rapidly digesting food (high water content fruits), you have this big pocket of food sitting in your stomach and your body doesnt know how much gas it has in the tank. A lot of people's overeating is because they don't get "full" because their body has no idea how much energy is in what it's eaten, so 20 minutes later they're too full and didn't realize they didn't need more
I spеnd wаy tоо muсh timе оn thе intеrnеt! I tеll mysеlf оnly fоr thirty minutеs, but thеn I gеt sо distrасtеd оn sоmеthing sо I еxpаnd my prоmisеd timе аnd thirty minutеs sооn turns intо twо hоurs!
My оthеr оnе is brеаking my prоmisеs tо mysеlf. I wаntеd tо соmmit tо а hеаlthiеr rоutinе аnd kеpt sаying tо mysеlf, 'gо jоgging.' Instеаd оf kееping my prоmisе, I wаs lаying оn thе sоfа аll dаy, tеlling mysеlf I'll dо it tоmоrrоw! I think thаt is оnе оf my wоrst hаbits bесаusе it's my biggеst оnе I wаnt tо brеаk. I hоnеstly wаnt tо соmmit tо whаt I prоmisеd mysеlf
I'm very bad with procrastinating. I always feel the urge to go out and hit a gym, but it seems I'll always find some excuse not to go in the end. It's definitely something I need to work on.
I procrastinate at everything as well. I just seem to do it at a extreme level as well, such as practicing on the day of my matches and doing all my job and school work during the last possible second. I really need to work on that...

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