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Training at home ?
It won't be easy, if you apply a technique incorrectly you will never know you have done so. Not only that but one of the best ways to learn is to spar against someone.
Not a thing I'd recommend, as not only will there not be anyone to correct you, your mistakes can cause you injury. You might be doing a certain move wrong for some time and end up hurting yourself which can hold you back even more. A bigger problem would be that you don't get hurt, but you actually get used to a certain movement even though it's wrong. That will be difficult to get over because of muscle memory and such.
Most of the training that you can do at home is more to do with keeping fit and staying in shape, than actually learning and performing different techniques when it comes to martial arts. There's nothing of course to stop you from practicing things that you've already learned and in some cases it can be an advantage to do that in between trips to the gym.

Basic moves can be learned at home, but I'd recommend leaving any type of move to when your training with the experts, and any training you do at home should merely be for keeping fit.
Speaking from personal experience, home training can be as beneficial as training in the gym. Knowing correctly what to do, I don't see any kind of problem.

However, you need to pay attention to the types of material being used at home (improvised materials are a bad idea and should be avoided at all costs) and obviously in the location of the house you'll choose to train (I think you'll not want to break all the objects in the house, right? haha!).
Training at home solo may not make you a better fighter in the sport, you need a more experienced and of a high profile sport man to lead you on during training. I have no problem with if the training is done at home so long the required training kits are available. It's very important to have an instructor or trainer to guide, give you the standard while you actively go training.

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