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Too much running is not good for the joints
I have several friends who are also seniors like me. They continually complain of joint pains particularly in the morning. The common factor with all of them is the running. They were runners before and they still do some jogging every morning. One doctor told me that running or jogging is not good for the joints because of the impact of running on the joints. The doctor even showed me an illustration of the abuse on the joints when the body’s weight falls on the legs. The joints in question are the knees and the ankles but others are also affected including the joints in the toes.
Not just running, but any type of exercise that requires a lot of traction in the muscles.

Obviously running is one of the exercises that can cause more damage, but this must be dosed by those who practice it, after all, each one knows its limits. An ideal time has to be established considering the physical conditions of each person.

Always having a disciplined mind as a guide, no exercise occupied the position of villain.
If you're doing harm to your knees, if you're running and jogging and the pain becomes such that it alters the way you run, then it's time to stop and go see your doctor.

In fact, running helps future arthritic patients actually be more active in their later years. The compressive motion, helps bring more fluid in your knees and keeps them moving.
It is true that jogging or running does harm the knee joints at large. However, those into it at a professional level may not have an option.

Usually jogging takes it toll on the joints years after of the initial activity and hence ghe pain usually comes in advancing age.
For the elderly exercises like running and jogging if done too often could cause pains to the joints. These set of people are already of age that could suffer from senile related arthritis now jogging and running may compound issues. Eating food rich in calcium, iron and vitamin D is good for bones and joints strengthening for this sort of exercise.

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