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Thinking about competing
I think it is a bit too early for you to be competing however that is dependent on your skill level which I cannot judge because I do not know you. Watch videos and so research on people when they debuted or their climb through the ranks. It is easy to get carried away just because you feel you are ready. Just keep training harder and leave the judgement up to your trainer.
I think even at an amateur level, fighters have years of experience in their belt. Not to discourage you or anything, but I wouldn't expect to enter a competition and confidently win, if I only have a few months of training under me. Best just keep training, learning new moves, practicing old ones, raising up your stamina and endurance, and maybe in a few years, you can give a good run for your money in competitions. Good luck!
I just felt safe and complete to fight after almost 6 months of training, motivation and a lot of self-discipline. I kept a frequency of at least 3 times a week at first, and then increased to 4 times. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

The decision to wait was great because the results were very good (I won my first fight).
Two months of training, could they assure of your winning in the fight? Your case is very subjective. We couldn't give our appropriate advice for you whether you need to train more or what extent of training you have to undergo. It is impossible for us.

Anyway, I know you have your own trainer who handles everything for your fight. He is the right person to consult on what you have already gone through. He monitors all your training output, training status, and everything. I know he always evaluates your training performance. Seek his advice and follow his instruction in toto.

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