Poll: The knee is the king or the elbow is the king?
The knee is the king
The elbow is the king
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The knee or an elbow strike?
We all know the famous Thai saying: "The knee is the king". I, however, find an elbow slash from a clinch to be more damaging than a knee strike.

You can condition your core (the abs) to withstand knee strikes but you cannot condition your face against an elbow slash. Knee to the face has a great KO potential but elbow has a great chance of TKO.

So many fights end by TKO because one of the fighters foreheads has been cut open by an elbow.

What is your opinion? Which one of the strikes is more damaging to the opponent?
Shouldn't elbow be the king?
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An elbow strike is a better move, though in TKD, I don't get to use it in sparring. We get to use the elbow only in poomsae techniques. TKD doesn't place any emphasis on hitting opponents with an elbow or knee strike, especially in sparring where it is highly discouraged. The knee strike is becoming too overrated.
To me, it looks like the same thing whether it is elbow or knee because the hit always depends on the timing and opportunity. In the fight of former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman and top ranked Yoel Romero, a knee on the head of Weidman had caused the fight to be stopped as a knockout. In some other matches, I had seen the elbow causing a knockout. Again, I would say that the knee and the elbow have the same leverage in terms of damage to the opponent.

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