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The Mental Versus The Physical
I think having a good mental state and approach to Muay Thai is important. Mind over matter is correct in regards to most things in life. If you put your mind to it you can usually accomplish any goal. I would say I got 70 percent mental 30 percent physical. If you start off doubting yourself you will most likely end up failing or losing a sparing match.
(08-11-2016, 05:50 PM)Casiox Wrote: As you may know it is not all about being physically stronger than anybody else or being the most intelligent person in the world, you will always need some of each kind to become balanced, it does not necessarily have to be 50/50 but it could actually be around 40/60 or however you want to consider it, the point is that you could be a Troll, by saying, Troll, I mean a strong guy, muscular, really skilled when it comes to strength but if you do not manage the techniques and discipline you're basically lost.

That is something that is very often over looked. There are a lot of moves and techniques that have to be remembered when you are in a fight. So like you say not only do you have to be physically and mentally strong, you have to have a degree of intelligence so that you can read your opponent and apply the right move against him.
I believe that our subconscious is very powerful that you can attract whatever it is that you wanted and it will happen. So with that being said, my ratio would be 70:30, the higher goes with the mental aspect obviously. Although physical strength is also important, I believe that no matter how physically ready you are, but you are mentally exhausted, it still won't work.
My Guru said that I has to be a balance in between the mind and the body. Unfortunately, I'm a scientific person so I tend to train my brain better than my body. The result is OK but I tend to get fatigue easily, however, the best thing about doing meditation is that you can speed up the rate of your recovery by just practicing this. Shaolin practitioners always train their mind to protect their body, they do this by controlling the flow of their Chi.
The two, mental strength and physical go together to achieve a better fit as a Martial sport man. In my view more of mental strength will be needed to physical. I'd put in the ratio 60/40. Mental strength is highly required in tasks that looks overwhelmingly difficult
The body can only give and take so much punishments till it get's to the point where it can't take anymore, and that's when the mental aspect comes into affect. If you're not strong mentally then even the strongest and most skilful fighters will soon start to wilt because you have to be able to push yourself further than what your body can manage, and the only way to do that is if you are mentally prepared in the first place.

A lot of fighters say that a fight is won before it's even begun and that's down to being mentally tougher than your opponent, nothing to do with your physical ability compared to theirs.
In my own experience of martial arts, the ratio is 60/40 that is 60 for physical and 40 for mental. There is the saying that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak so even if the mental is very strong, it wouldn't matter much in terms of fighting. In boxing, it is evident that a smart boxer has the edge only if the physical strength of both fighters are even. Brute force is always a major factor.
Great debate here! I love sports and I practice them too and I do know that many times, not to say most times, the mental is superior to the physical. I don't mean we should neglect our training and our health, quite the opposite, but the will to win, the capacity to concentrate, to focus, can many times make us work wonders!
Mind and body must always be aligned so that there is harmony in a generalized way (otherwise, it's not possible to achieve the necessary harmony). The fighter must understand that the mind and body are parts of the same machine, and it is this machine that keeps us stading and face the all the challenges in ours lives.
Whenever I am for a while without playing my sport, my mind tends to grow on me saying I am a good player haha, so this to say that defeats do affect me. Whenever we have the capacity to play our game regardless of the result, I believe that is when we will achieve the best results.

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