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The Mental Versus The Physical
Well I was watching the news earlier today and the had a little story on the benefits of meditation for mental clarity, and it just got me to thinking about the importance of mental strength for disciplines like Muay Thai, and the balance of mental strength and physical strength that it takes. I was just wondering, if you had to give it a raiio, or a percentage, would it be 50/50? Or is one more important than the other?

I think that I would say 55/45, with the slight edge to mental strength, which is why these disciplines fascinate me. Maybe it is just what I like to think is the case, but that is what I am going with.

What about you? What is your ratio?
There's no doubt that mental attitude and strength is important in all forms of martial arts and especially in Muay-Thai, but as you say so is your physical ability as well. To put a ratio on it I do think it's going to depend on the individual person but if pushed, I'd say 60/40 in favour of the mental aspect of it.

Without physical training then your body isn't going to be up to the stresses that martial arts can put on it, but the best way to overcome that is through your mental strength and attitude, so that's why I've put that as slightly higher.
There is no doubt that the two go hand in hand. I can't imagine one without the other. While there are people that only give importance to the physical side of training, meditation can really take you to the next level.
I have to give it a ratio of 51-49 in favor of the physical side. You may have the mental capacity to meditate and so on, but if your physical side is not up to shape or always suffering from intermittent weakness, you can't go farther. Also, I think your physical endurance is another thing, so if you can't endure the pain, that will be a problem for you. That applies to my case, especially since my age and physical capabilities are always a liability. Despite my mental desire to concentrate, my physical side is telling me otherwise as it is taking its toll on me.
Well it looks like all the ratios are close, which is exactly what I suspected. They are certainly correlated in some way, and it one of those things where you really cannot describe it but you just know it is there. Maybe it is just me not wanting to describe it, who knows. I like how you bought up the factor of age though @PsychAL - and certainly the mental may get an upper hand in the later years.
I think to be able to succeed, you have to have a positive attitide, you must have a positve mental state. If you dont have a positive mental state you arent going to want to do the physical part. You have to want it mentally, to do it physically.
The ratings are close because you can't excel at anything if you don't have both. You could be the most physically fit person in the world but if you don't have that mental strength then you are never going to become a world champion. The same can be said the other way as well, and you might have the heart, passion and mental strength to be a winner, but if you neglect your training and don't look after your body then the mind will be willing but the body won't be able.
I would say 50/50, both are equally important. If your body is isn't in good shape it doesn't matter how strong you mentally far, but if you step into a ring and are in front of your opponent but already feel that you have lost the fight, it doesn't matter how physically fit you are you probably will loose. So there has to be a balance between the two.
As you may know it is not all about being physically stronger than anybody else or being the most intelligent person in the world, you will always need some of each kind to become balanced, it does not necessarily have to be 50/50 but it could actually be around 40/60 or however you want to consider it, the point is that you could be a Troll, by saying, Troll, I mean a strong guy, muscular, really skilled when it comes to strength but if you do not manage the techniques and discipline you're basically lost.
I'm not really sure you can put a number to it. It's critical, to be sure. If the mental power isn't there, the physical won't be either. They work in tandem with one another. If we don't have the mental fortitude to get after it, then all the strength in the world won't help. If we are physically unable to move, then will-power certainly won't be enough. If anything it's 100/100. Got to have a good mind if you want a good body, and having a good body will help your mind.

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