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Swimming is the most complete sport, so they say, as we exercise all the muscles in the body. My physiotherapist recommended me swimming after my knee surgery, as it was a good sport to get back in shape.
Swimming is more advanced form of sport especially for those capable of swimming across deep waters. I am not a good swimmer as I wouldn't dare the deep waters capable of a swallow. I have been tempted to take my swimming to that level of deep water but I am not sure swimming is my thing.
I am not the best swimmer either, and just today I proved that, as after 4 or 5 50 meter pools I was already tired lol. It's a matter of a habit and technique, and I had none. But I am very disciplined, so the next time I return there, instead of 4 or 5, I will make 6 pools. Smile
I love water and staying inside the pool is my best time pass. But the truth is that I simply like to enjoy my time playing with water. Swimming is not what I like to do a lot. It is a good exercise for the whole body but I dont have much inclination to do so.
I am very excited for the summer time that is fast approaching. We recently moved and there is a local pool nearby that seems really good so that is nice to look forward too. The winter has been long so I would love to get swimming right away.
(08-27-2016, 09:32 AM)SirJoe Wrote: Swimming is a good way build up your resistance and your lungs capacity. I don't swim as often as I would like but I still manage to go swimming once or twice a week. Do you use swimming as part of your training?

Yes, I use swimming as part of my exercise routine, but I don't think about it that way. I swim three times a week as it exercises every muscle in the body. It also doesn't feel like exercise as it feels more like a fun thing to do than hard work. It makes me feel that I have had a break from training when in fact it is an exercise. I normally swim for an hour and just do lengths taking a few breaks in between by just bobbing about in the water.
When we watch Formula 1 pilots, for example, that suffer 3G forces when driving, they need to do a lot of sports to prepare their body for that "violence", and swimming is often included. Fighters also get beat up a lot, so they need to be prepared the best they can, so swimming is certainly a good option.

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