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I would say that it is good for people just starting, in the middle, or even years down the road when you are a seasoned vet. I just think that it is one of the more enjoyable exercises out there, and for that reason I tend to get the most out of it, versus other workouts at least. I just wish I had the money for my own pool.
Swimming саn bе likе mеditаting, аlsо. Whеn yоu gеt а rhythm gоing during а distаnсе swim it's just yоu оut thеrе. It's inсrеdibly isоlаting. Yоu fосus оn yоur distаnсе аnd yоur fоrm а bit, but аftеr а whilе yоur fоrm tаkеs саrе оf itsеlf аnd yоu саn bе vеry intrоspесtivе whilе burning thrоugh tоns оf саlоriеs.
Swimming is one good exercise for the body that helps in both respiration and normal blood circulation within the body. I do go swimming once in a while even though I'm not good at swimming in very deep water. It's a easily enjoyable exercise if you can get the skills for a good swimming.
Swimming was something always recommended to me because I suffer from allergies and other breathing problems, but sadly my parents never took me to have lessons, so now as an adult I am a relatively poor swimmer. I know it's one of the most complete exercises out there, but it's also not the one I love the most, even if I'd love to be a better swimmer.
I practice swimming regularly 3 times a week (already for more than 2 years) and I can say that swimming is definitely a very important sport that provides a better body development (especially in the transitional phase between adolescence and adulthood) as well as creates greater endurance.

Swimming is a great way to relax too, and this is part of every training.
I am every week in the swimming pool watching my kids, and I notice how their body gets stronger, larger in the back, and this is because of swimming, that certainly develops that part of the body and it's great for respiratory diseases. I should get in the water as well while they have their lessons, but I will wait until they are bigger because I need to help them when the lesson is over.
Swimming is the best exercise for a person to undertake. Every part of his part is functioning and it will take a few strokes the whole body is working. It is pointed out that it breaks more calories so to speak. I know a basic swimming stroke. I could swim but I am afraid to go to the deep portion of the swimming pool. I prefer to swim with water just above my shoulder level. By the way, I am just curious how swimming contributes much to the respiratory diseases of a person as you have mentioned? If you have asthma, is swimming good? If you have a lung disease, is swimming could make a person get well? What do you mean by "great for respiratory diseases"?
Swimming is a very good exercise for both lungs and body. It increases your stamina and gives muscle power.

Some styles like butterfly stroke really requires efforts and so the whole body gets awesome exercise.
I like swimming a lot but I am not very good at it I don't dare deep waters especially those that can easily swallow someone. I would like to go for more practical training in swimming, but the problem is making out time for that. I'm just too occupied these days.
I think that swimming is one of the best fitness exercises that a person can do, and pretty much it can be done by a person in any age group, that is in decent health. I belong to the fitness center , and swimming is something that I do just about every day. I swim and also do water exercises that help strengthen my muscles and build up my fitness.
When I started swimming, I was actually in very poor health, and I could not even swim the length of the pool without stopping to rest at the edge several times. It took almost an hour for me to even make it up and down the pool a few times, and then I was so exhausted that I could barely drag myself out of the pool.
However, bit by bit, I grew stronger and each week I was able to do more swimming and more of the water fitness exercises.
I totally recommend swimming as a way to improve both health and endurance.

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