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Pacquio vs Horn today
The much awaited fight between Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn will start with 2 or 3 hours from now. Pacquiao is a heavy favorite to win but we cannot discount the youth and strength of Horn although he may obviously lack the experience. And Pacquiao claims that his strength and reflexes are still the same so Horn has no chance of defeating him. And who is your bet? I think Horn has a Chinaman's chance because of age. And if he is lucky, he can make Pacquiao his biggest victim.
Just to update. The fight went for 12 rounds with Jeff Horn exacting a unanimous decision on Manny Pacquiao with the score of 117- 111 and 2 judges had 115 - 113. Clearly, Horn had won the fight. And now the fight record of Pacquiao is being inspected which some corners are saying that in his last 9 fights now, he had won only 5. Oh well, losing 4 fights in 9 fights is already a strong indication of retirement. Do you agree?
Thanks for the update Alexandoy, I have watched the match game and I was a bit disappointed by this result. Well, Manny Pacquiao has 38 years old and we can expect him to lose games or retiring. Jeff Horn has only 29 years old and he is on the wave now, he may do even better than this and win a lot of games in the future.
While Jeff Horn impressed me, and a lot of other people, in this fight, I had it scored 115–112, Pacquiao.

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