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New here - Starting muay thai at the only club in town
Greetings everyone! I am a new member of this forum and i've been into muay thai for about a year yet i couldn't managed to get myself into actually practicing until now.
I am 20 years old
6 ft/ 1.83m
weight 95 kg ( slightly overweight but decent muscle mass )
left handed

I wanted to find a good place to train but most of the gyms i visited were only using muay thai as a marketing tool for kickboxing classes. Eventually i found a place to train rel muay thai, and to my surprise its not one of those comercial-looking places wich is a good thing.
I talked to the coach and he told me he won't accept anyone in the club unless they pass certain physical tests ( USA APFT - like)
wich consists of
-40 pushups without break,
- 40 crunches in a min
-300 meters sprint in under a minute
-one mile run in under a certain time limit

At the time i visited the gym i wasn't able to pass the tests and to be honest, i can't pass em now either but i'm working on it.
i am close to ace the pushups part with decent form pushups and
i can do the crunches but the running is not my forte

I would be grateful to hear any piece of advice regarding the gym, possible workouts or even regarding self-studying general aspects of the art.

Seriously i've never heard of a gym that has tests for newbies. how are people meant to get a start in the sport if they have to jump through hoops just to walk in the door?
Anyway if they wont let you in there's nothing wrong with kickboxing or even a western boxing gym, both will get you in fighting shape and at the basic level all experience is worth while even if its not directly related to your end goals.
The reason for the test requirement is because the coach started the club at its own initiative, he has a small number of members, and he wants to focus on training them to be able to compete. This thing really motivated me go get in there and learn as much as i can no matter how hard the training would be. As i mentioned early its not the typical kind of gym, and i like it this way. I ain't too social anyway

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