Poll: Should the forum have a Training section?
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Yes, I want a training section
3 100.00%
No, I don't care for change
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Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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New Training Section
I think having a section just for traning makes sense.
Does anyone agree?

General Discussion would stay there, but all training talk would go somewhere else...
Just my two cents.

Yes! We need more members too!

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I vote yes, it will be easier to see and share training programs, tips and ideas. Kind of a struggle shifting through other sections to find such topics.
I think that it would certainly add a little organization to the place. I do not see why not, and now that I think about it would make it much easier to do comparisons if you can read up on one or more of them at the same time. I know that when it comes to a lot of training programs there are more details to them than may people may realize, so this might work to alleviate some of that pain I suppose.
That is really an amazing idea. I agree with your concept and I think that the moderators should implement the idea. It is really an unique concept that we can implement.

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