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Movies based on martial arts
Do you like watching movies based on martial arts. I have watched a few Hollywood movies as well as a few Bollywood ones. The most recent one is Dangal, which is a nice way of showing the hard work and dedication required during the training. Mary Kom is another such movie.
Can you recall any such movie that you liked watching?
I am an avid movie goer or watcher as far as martial arts movies are being shown. I love the action. I love how those movies are produced especially their tragic and successful revenge done by the victims against the villains.

I would take the pride to say that Bruce Lee's movies were my favorites. I would also mention the series of movies of Jacky Chan, Jet Li, among others.
Martial art movies are part of my favorites action movies. Their main action sessions take my full attention as I like to see every bit of the attacks, counter attacks, the defences. My most watched of these kind of movies are those by Bruce Lee, Jet Li. I get to pick at least one more attacking/defensive skill whenever I watch Martial Arts films.
Yes, I like to watch movies based on martial arts (especially those that are 100% focused on the subject). I've watched several, and most of them have a very satisfying result (which sometimes can present a very bad result comparing the current phase of the scripts).
I watched Kickboxer: Vengeance and I weren't disappointed. It follows the spirit of a first Kickboxer movie. I liked the fact that a few pro fighters were featured in it, like Shogun Rua or GSP and especially one of my favorite fighters: Joseph Valtellini
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