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What motivates you to get stronger?
As in gym or a stronger fighter?

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I want very much to be able to do proper pull ups, so that's my main motivation at present. Working hard to achieve it.
I am generally a very competitive person. In order to compete with others, I must commit to making myself stronger. All of the people around me motivates me. My family is very into athletics so we like to be prepared at all times in case as challenge comes. Besides that, it is just healthy to be strong.
As I have told before, motivation is a temporary thing. Today you wake up and you're gonna change the world, 3 hours later you're full of excuses not to take action.

A habit is the most powerful thing in the world. So, turning the desirable skill into a habit is my motivation. Sounds a bit weird, I know. But that's the way things are.
In the first place, God (HE is my vital force in everything in my life). Then my family (also very important), my friends and considering the fact that I am an extremely competitive person, watching other people as an example make me want to get stronger.

A good gym, diet and motivation of teachers also help a lot.
If this is a personal question, my motivation to do workout is the energy. When I don't exercise in the morning, I do not feel up to the tasks in hand so I have to do my exercises even the basics only.

For a fighter, it is obvious that winning is their motivating factor.

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