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Mind conditioning of a fighter
For us ordinary mortals, it didn't occur that fighters are also scared of the upcoming fight. And even if they don't admit, they are scared of their opponent unless their opponent is a pushover. So how is the mind conditioning of fighters? I remember Muhammad Ali, he said that he watches horror movies on the night before his fight. That is the way he conditions his mindset to avoid being scared of his opponent.
For me, I realy fighter is courageous, unintimidated or not afraid of his opponents. He is ready for any consequences especially if he is already a professional fighter. Cowardice, intimidation, or any form of discouragement is out of the vocabulary of a real fighter.

Though he is a human, vulnerable and is not a robot. Meaning, he has all the emotion. As inured to the kind of fight he is into, he fears no one except of himself and the Almighty.
I don't have any special techniques for that. The only thing I do is try to rest (sleeping a lot and eating well... food and soft drinks) well before a fight. I don't like to feel very agitated before a fight... if I get too agitated, I lose my focus very easy (and for me this is very bad).
Fighting requires a perfect and well balanced coordination of mind as well as body. A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. Risks and fears are natural and are associated with every fight. But what wins the race is a stabilized mind that overcomes every associated fear .

Different people have different measures to cope up with the anxiety levels. Some want to spend time alone, others might need a good sleep whereas there are some who practice yoga and meditation.
It all narrows down to one's mindset. If your mindset is that of failing, even if the task/challenge is very simple you cannot topple it over. I personally like to have a positive mindset. Some challenges are so challenging but only those who do not give up emerge victorious. Take an examination scenario for instance. One may not be able to cover all the course work but that does not mean you will fail. You need to psych yourself up. Have a winning mentality. That way, nothing will ever shake you.

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