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Martial Arts in daily life
I had a colleague in my previous job who has a lot of patience. He is very diplomatic too. I was surprised to learn that he used to be an amateur MMA fighter. He said that martial arts had taught him how to be pátient and how to accept things with peace of mind. I am trying to emulate the guy but with little success.
I would definitely say that it is one of those things that you want to include in all aspects of your life, and in your daily life. Even if it is something small, getting into that routine is probably for the best. I know that is usually when I am at my best.
The reasons for each person wanting some kind of martial art can be the most diverse, and some of them can be quite amazing. For example, I have friends who decided to start learning some kind of martial art in order to be able to defend themselves against attacks by inconvenient men.

In general, I think that in addition to self-confidence, martial art can offer other benefits: improvement in physical conditioning, discipline, justice and teamwork.

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