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Lifting weights
Not everyone can indulge in lifting weights. I was a skinny lad in my teenage days and I had resorted to lifting weights to put on muscles. But I had experienced some abdominal pains that was suspected to be hernia. That stopped my venture in weightlifting. That's also a lesson for my friends who were planning to lift weights although some of them pursued that direction and had developed good muscles. So that means not everyone can lift weights.
I believe teenagers are not advise to do weight lifting or carry heavy things above their normal body capacity. Cause for one it will affect your body to achieve full height and you may suffer from hernia if you fail to follow guidelines and warnings. It is not advisable to do weight lifting on your own because of the possibility of developing hernia or having some serious injury. It is better if you can to avail a personal trainer, so that he can guide you properly and can give you advise and proper training.
Weight lifting is also not meant for me. I develop severe muscle sprains each time I try to opt for weight lifting. This happens even under strict guidance of a trainer. If I ever do weight lifting then it is with a minimal.amount of weight. I never exceed the minimal limit.

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