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Is running important to a fighter?
Running is a high cardio activity that is beneficial for every sportsperson irrespective of the sport. It helps to build the stamina, muscles as well as the respiratory quotient. It increases the work out potential manifolds.

The best part is that it does not need any other paraphernalia and id the easiest kind of exercise that can be done anywhere and at any time. The results it brings are also very immediate and drastic.
Of course it is, and you must be in an overall great condition which means your cardio must be up there. I would also think that it does a lot of good for the legs and feet bones too so you are better on your feet.
In one recent interview of a boxing trainer, he said that running is very important that's why he is advising Marlon Tapales to do a lot of running because he is still overweight for his defense of the WBO bantamweight title. A few days before the fight, Tapales is still over 5 pounds and running can definitely help him lose weight.

PS. It is sad that last night, Tapales failed to make the 118-pound limit in his division so he was stripped of the title. The fight with Japanese Shonei Omori will be like an exhibition match although Omori, if he wins, will be the champion.

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