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Is Muay Thai better than other Martial arts?
How do you see Muay Thai vs karate, kung fu or even Twai Kondo.

Why do you think Muay may be more superior than any other form of martial arts?
I don't usually make such a radical comparison because I think it's, in a way, an unfair comparison (because I think there are always the benefits and the harms and this makes clear how unfair the comparison is).

The comparisons I always make are related to some specific aspacts, for example: training techniques, importance of sports, rules, requirements for practice and other aspects.
I was a karate student when I was 12 and during that time, the most popular martial arts is Karate and Judo. There's always the comparison and usually Karate wins over Judo. But the argument is that Karate is for long range and Judo is for close fights. With Muay Thai, it is a mix of boxing and kicking so it is more superior than tae kwon do and boxing. But with the present MMA fights now that is almost anything goes, I'd say Muay Thai is not that superior but I consider it as a gentleman's martial arts because Muay Thai fighters are always focused on sportsmanship.
As Shine have stated, it's a quite unfair comparison since each martial art has different, techniques and rely on relatively different movements. One thing i can say for Muay Thai is that once you get good, you can't really use it or you'll hurt someone pretty badly. Nothing else bad about it. Kicking, punching elbowing, clinching. Perfection.
I see Muay Thai as a combination or cutting across the different fighting skills which includes boxing, outright wrestling, judo and even taekwondo and others. Base on this I would think Muay Thai is a more complex fighting activity that is if not superior.

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