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Instinctive vs Analytical Fighter
(11-16-2016, 02:02 AM)biege Wrote: Thank you for your input @Alexandoy. I can see what you mean and I agree at some point but then let me tell you that McGregor isn't a pure analytical fighter but he said on his interview that he's more of an instinctual fighter. Analytical Fighters doesn't have killer insticts and he said that he does fight with it. He does not train with routines and machines because animals don't train with machines. The best Analytical Fighter that I can think of would be the current Manny Pacquiao and Nonito Donaire.

IMO, just like what @to7update have mentioned I believe that if you want to succeed in fighting, you should be both Instinctive and Analytical.

You forgot to mention Floyd Mayweather, who I think, is one of the best analytical fighter. He ran circles around Pacquiao, who admittedly is the better fighter but lost the fight due to the good strategy of Mayweather. I agree with McGregor's style as instinctive. That may be the reason why he lost his first fight against Nick Diaz who is also an instinctive fighter who is bigger than Conor who lost steam and eventually lost the fight on the ground.
We don't need to be the strongest, sometimes not even the fittest physically because our mind also fights. And like you guys are mentioning, if we have a good strategy, more often than not that will make the whole difference at the end in determining who wins the fight.

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