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Im new to muay thai- help please
i have a good few years in boxing however over the years i have put on a lot of weight.i want to get into muay thai for the reasons of self discipline and to live a healthy life style.

i have injured my knee in the past and i am worried this may rule me out of pursuing my new dream, can anyone advice me?
I would suggest that you should consult with your doctor regarding your knee. If he approves that you are capable of bearing the load of a fight then you can go ahead for sure.

As far a your increased weight is concerned it can be be regulated and brought back under control. Careful monitoring and guidance under a qualified coach can really help a lot.
First of all you should seek a doctor to evaluate your knee (this is very important). After that, I recommend very light workouts (at least initially until you pick up the pace... then you gradually increase the pace) always accompanied by a coach. I think this would be the ideal start for you. Don't need to rush anything.

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