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If you could train anywhere, where would you choose
I've been thinking about spending 3 weeks somewhere to focus on muay thai and MMA. I'm still relatively new to the sport and me and my partner really want to travel. Cost is not an issue, we're both prepared to spend a lot of money to have a great experience.
Want i really want is great 1 on 1 training because that's what i'll be looking for, i hear places like Tiger Muay Thai don't cater to complete beginners as much as other places so any experiences you've had would be great. What i want from the experience is to come back and be a lot better and Muay Thai/MMA and hopefully be fight ready when i get back or not long after.
So far the places that really stand out are Evolve, American Top Team and Team Alpha Male. If you experienced any of these let me know guys.
Muay Thai is getting popular in the Philippines and I know one training center in the nearby city of Antipolo where international mixed martial arts fighters are training. The names of Honorio Banario and Brandon Vera, both champions in the One Championship league. Back to Muay Thai, that training center is building up a stable of kickboxers and they sometimes show it on tv - the training and the elimination fights they do with the trainees. I guess the best place to train is the nearest to your home provided the training center has a capable coach and trainer.
I haven't yet had the pleasure of training on a very high mountain. It's one of my biggest dreams related to the fighting world. I'm so crazy to train in such a place like that! I've trained in some high places, but never on a mountain.

Definitely, it would be of immense inspiration to me.

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