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How to know if you're training too much
The first sign would have to just the feeling of exhaustion, and now that I think about it it might not be first but it is definitely the one that gets my attention the most. You have to be able to carry on with your days.
Over training may leave no much rkkm6 for the growth of muscles and you may actually fins yourself exhausted and lesser in shape (if you are beginner).

It eventually takes the toll on the body. If you fins yourself not sleeping enough and all you do is eat, sleep and gym then obviously you are overdoing it.
Well I enjoy being sore, but then there are those days when I can hardly even move. I tend to go by my back too, where if my back is hurting I know that I need to ease up a bit.
I think that this depends exclusively on each person, because each person has a different body system and logically, with different rhythms. So what can be good for me may not be for you and vice versa.

However, speaking for myself... I always when I'm exaggerating when I start getting tired really fast.
Whenever I feel tired beyond normal... When that happens I know I just got to my limit. I don't need to force myself, I know that if I continue I'll end up regretting later. The body has a limit (which varies from person to person) and the best thing is to respect it.
Well you would probably feel like I do today. I thought I would be okay but I guess I just worked one muscle in my leg too much because I am hopping. Maybe not too long but certainly misguided.
First, thinking that one is training too much is subjective. What an athlete may consider as being over worked out could just be a moderate exercise for another sport man. That said one way to know that you are training intensively is when you begin to notice that those tasks that seem hard before look very easy. The rate of success in fights would have also gone up remarkably.

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