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How may days a week do you mainly practice?
How many days a week do you guys usually practice in order to hone your skills for a match or maybe just for fun? I usually practice 3-4 times a week, and it has been paying off tremendously. I have seen lots of results within the last six months and hope to continue seeing it to pay off for many more. What about you guys?
I was training 3-4 times a week but my trainer has gone off for the summer to teach abroad, so I've just joined a local club. Due to my shift patterns I'll only be able to train once a week, if that; but I have access to my trainer's heavy bag a couple of times a week. I plan to try and have a one on one session once a month too. Himself is learning to hold pads for me at home too, so hopefully between all these things, plus my friend who is a taekwondo black belt, I'll keep up.
As of right now, it's twice a week martial arts, twice a week bodyweight exercises/light weight training and the rest is all general high health and fitness. I could easily get up and go run 5 or 6 miles right now and be ready to do it again in the morning if that helps put a position on my general health & fitness.
I train MT 4 Days a week, but also supplement a lot of Strength & Conditioning 3 Days. I've seen so much more progress since adding the S/C.

Not all days for Muay Thai are the same, some are spent focusing on pad-work and technique, others are spent almost exclusively sparring.

Wouldn't trade it for the world!
I've toned back because of school, but I train about 3 days now. I workout my two off days from training with some resistance training and cardio. Then I take two days off for studies and relaxation.
I typically train three days a week, sometimes four days. Anything over that I'll be too tired and too sore. I usually workout at the gym on the days that I am not training.
The same as you, I train three times a week with rests in between training days. I have noticed a great improvement as well since I started doing this. I have become stronger and more skilled since I have trained more rigorously. But I think it's also important to rest in between training days to let your muscles recover.

I still do yoga though during non-training days. Some days I would do light cardio like walking or jogging. Yoga helps me become more flexible. Cardio is very important to improve my resistance and endurance and keep my heart healthy.
I usually go to the gym 4 times a week but make sure I have a day off inbetween for recovery. The muscles need time to recover and repair themselves, and that's why people who go to the gym maybe 6 or 7 times a week often don't look like they're making any progress.
6 days a week, but most of it's gym and cardio. I think I do a BJJ and a Muay Thai class a week. Honestly, I'm cool with that. I like the way I feel physically and I feel like this fighting thing probably won't be something I'll do on a professional level so I'm cool with one class of each a week. Although, even that gets mixed sometimes, so I do different stuff too.
Twice a week, two hours each, is a generous enough amount, as I have a very busy schedule and can only afford a few hours a week of free time. It's worth it though, as training comes with exercise, so basically I am multitasking while I am at the center. Too bad I can only do it twice a week though, I would progress a lot slower than those who are there training and practicing their art form 5 days a week. But no matter, I will catch up eventually.

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