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How long does your training last?
The individual training time of each fighter can vary according to the specific needs of each one of them, right? So how long is yours?

My training takes about 2 hours (being 30 minutes dedicated only to stretching because it's very important for me). Sometimes I get to 3 hours depending on some specific moment (like a competition for example).
When I was in college, I trained 3 hours/day. But I just train in 60-90 minutes now.
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Three hours a day would be great to say if I could find even that much time anymore. I was similar though, where I had a lot more free time back then whereas now I am lucky to squeeze in an hour at a time.
2 hours a day, 3 times a week. When I 'slack off' for more than 3 days (let's say I'm on a vacation or have a lot of work to do) I can notice a slight stamina drop during my next workout session. The more days off the greater is the drop so I made a habit to work out anywhere now, even on a train :-)
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My training session is for 2 hours for 5 days a week. This includes my warmup as well as stretching exercises. I hardly extend this time because I have only a limited time to pursue my training. My personal and professional responsibilities keep me away.

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