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How do you build stamina
I have learned that stamina development is a very powerful tool to sustaining a fight whether heavy or light. You may not have all the strength as your opponent but if you have more stamina the fight will be tough for him and who knows you could win. This is because you can go on with fight for long without getting tired while the powerful opponent could get tired after some rounds.
As an experienced Muay Thai fighter what are the activities you engage yourself on to build great stamina for fights no matter how heavy.
Speaking from my experience, I used to run a short marathon and my building up of stamina is by running long distances in slow pacing. That’s why when I started playing basketball, I could play 2 games in a row while my co-players were already spent up after the first game. It’s because of the stamina I have built up by running long distances.
High cardio exercises go a long way in building up the stamina. One should adopt a regular high intensity exercise regime. It is a proven fact that a body improves it's stamina each time the workout is complete. But regularity is what is important. Intermittent and irregular exercises will lead to nowhere.

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