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Have you ever broken any bones?
Thank God I haven't broke any bones but i actually had my right shoulder sprained in medical terms it would've been called
" Scapulo-humeral sprain, spontaneously reduced"
(06-10-2017, 05:05 PM)Shine_Spirit Wrote:
(06-10-2017, 11:44 AM)amitkokiladitya Wrote: Each training session is associated with a rusk of breaking bones. A small moment of distraction and negligence can make you pay big price. Bones once broken means a lot of physical inconvenience and loss of practice until the body regains form.

A moment of distraction can actually cause a lot of headaches (physically, financially and psychologically speaking). It's essential to always be alert and since this is not such an easy activity to do, it takes a lot of training.

I completely agree with your statement. Mild negligence can make us pay a very high price. The cost will affect us in all the spheres of life . And if misfortune comes into play we may have to bear the loss for the whole of our lives. So it is better to be careful and dedicated when in the ring.

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