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Hоw mаny dаys оf rеst shоuld yоu tаkе whеn yоu аrе fееling fаtiguеd in trаining?
As people have said, I think a lot is going to depend on how fit you actually are in the first place. Personally, even though I think of myself of being quite fit, I know that if I went to the gym and worked out for 3 days in a row at an high intensity, on the 4th day my body would start to suffer and so a lot is knowing when to stop. You can take advice from all different angles but only you yourself know what is right and wrong for you, and only you should decide what program you stick to.
(06-28-2016, 08:12 PM)Goodman Wrote: If yоu аrе fееling fаtiguеd in trаining hоw mаny dаys dо yоu rесоmmеnd tаking оff? I hаvе bееn trаining 5 dаys а wееk аnd I stаrtеd gеtting thе fееling thаt I might bе оvеr trаinеd. My pоwеr is fееling lоw аnd I аm соnstаntly lооking аt thе сlосk whеn I аm in thе rоund. Dо yоu rесоmmеnd tаking rеst dаys оff if yоu gеt fаtiguеd оr is it bеttеr tо trаin thrоugh it?

I guess that will depend on how much pain you are experiencing, if it's tolerable or not. Having muscle pain is normal especially when you work out everyday or working out right after a long rest. Whenever I experience muscle pain or I don't feel comfortable working out, I tend to not do it and take a break for at least a day or 2 to make the pain subside and to prevent heavy muscle tissue damages.
I take a whole day body rest and I do this partnered with meditation. I find my body completely resetting or recovering by doing meditation faster than not doing this and if I don't do this it takes 3-4 days for me to totally get back in shape.
I think I've never been so bored to this point because I love training. However, I think a week (or two, maybe) at most is more than enough for me. I think several days off can make me a little bit lazy (which obviously would be a bad thing).

I always try to keep a routine where I never get bored.
I prefer to take a break from the regular training regime if I feel that my body is not supporting me. Damaging the muscles and bones only because of over strain is something that I really don't want.

A break for a day or two, followed by restarting the regime is what I always opt to do whenever I find my body fatigued.
The body is wise, and when we feel we have no energy left, we should stop. On the other hand, sometimes we feel a soreness, and if we work on that we are just overcoming an obstacle. What I mean here is that there is no formula, we never really know when we should stop or not.
Understand your body rhythm while you train, you are not in a competition or out there to train to impress others that you may have to over work yourself. In a week having training session for five days or everyday is outrageous and you could breakdown due to over exercise or exhaustion. For personal body maintenance once or twice a week is fine by me.
5 days continuous training that is too much if you are a neophyte or a beginner. If you are not training for a fight just to make your body firm and physical fit, every other day is sufficient in doing so.

Anyway, if you feel over trained or fully exhausted due to continuous training, it is better to take a rest two to three days or it depends on the condition of your body. As being mentioned, your body speaks whether your are ready or not. Listen to your body's language.
Everyone's different. You should develop a training routine that let you and your muscles to fully recover before the next training session.

I usually train every second day. Everyday training routine doesn't suit me - I get the best results training 3 times a week and taking a one day rest between the workouts.
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