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Female fighters?
I've been practicing martial arts since I was 6 years old. I started practicing Tae Kwon Do and from 30 students, only 3 of us were female (and at 6, I was the youngest). After that, I practiced karate and aikido, and again the female presence was minimum. I wanted to know if there are any female fighters around here. As for me, it was a struggle to get my parents to let me go practice as a kid (mostly due to stereotypes and that one time I came home all bruised up after a specially good training at 7 Angel). Nowadays, there aren't that many stereotypes about female fighters, but I keep seeing more guys than girls.

What has been your experience as a fighter? What's your story?
Speaking as a man who has a fighter girlfriend - she is a karate fighter -, I have to say that I am very happy for all the opening / recognition that the sport is providing (as a whole) for women. Of course there is still a lot to be achieved, but every story has to start somehow, doesn't it?
My niece is 25 and has been joining karate competitions since she was 12. Although she hasn't won any medal, she continues fighting for her personal goal i.e. to give her presence of mind in times of crisis. Unlike Muay Thai where female fighters are very few in numbers, karate has a lot of fighters in the female division. Maybe that is one reason why she enjoys karate, she has a lot of company.
I find female or women engaging in sports or are physically inclined to martial arts and combat sports really attractive. But sometimes seeing them fighting in the ring makes me somewhat uneasy and nervous. I mean I like them to learn some martial arts technique to defend themselves against their would be attackers or assailants, but watching them fighting against another women is a different thing. I just don't want to see bloods and bruises on their faces.
Female engage in sports fighting only if they have a reason to learn it, for example, a female needs to feel protected so she starts to learn such a sport using it for defense. I guess there is few female who engage such sport only for fun or just because it likes training!
I think that the stereotypes are the major thing that is destroying any female sport, basically because of the parents who doesn't want to understand that we don't live in the middle ages or because of the society in general who discharge a female gender as a weaker one. This is completely wrong and I can say for myself that I enjoy more watching a female fight than a male, not because of the preferences but because of the techniques and surprises can be quite entertaining.

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