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Exercise to gain flexible body
I left the gym and aerobic exercise about 10 years ago. I was able to stretch my legs fully. So I lost it all due to a big time gap. Is it possible that I can get my body that much flexible again? Suggest me some exercises for it.
Well, you are 10 years older my friend, you haven't exercised, so you really need to work a lot to recover the flexibility you lost. Most stretching exercises are good, but nothing like joining a gym with a specific workout plan to get to where you want. Wink
It is already a decade since you stopped doing exercise and you have already aged. Your physical resistance or endurance has already waned. You could do the exercise but not as what you have been accomplishing for the past ten years.

You may adapt an exercise suited or properly in tune with your present age. Check it with your friends or better consult your family doctor for that.
Well I would say that stretching is probably more important than most things if this is your goal. There are also a great number of actual exercises though, and I would think that some of the machines do a great job but free weights might be even better.
To regain the flexibility of your body, you can start doing your previous exercises. If it is aerobics then do it again. But there are other exercises for the stretching to make your body more lithe and flexible especially the limbs. I think there is a Thai exercise for that. And there's also a Thai massage if you care for more stretching. The therapist will help you with the bending and stretching coupled with body massage.
Stretching is very important to avoid injuries. Stretching and warming up the muscles. Let's imagine a frozen chicken breast, pretty much like our stiff muscles when we are cold, so we need to warm them up before exercising so that they become more flexible.
In my opinion, bodyweight workout is the best way to become aware of each part of our body, get the balance and gain flexibility. It promotes the activation of the central nervous system and respects our personal shapes. I suggest you to spend few minutes on this article

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