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Earnings of a pro Muay Thai fighter
Is there a future for a professional Muay Thai fighter in terms of finances? Torn between his studies and fighting, does a young man have a good reason to choose fighting instead of finishing his course in the university? I am asking this because I have seen on tv that some local amateur fighters here are bent on turning pro more due to their passion and not common sense. One fight moderator on tv said that pro fighters need to be a champion in order to feed his family.
I think that this question can be placed both for Muay Thai fighters, as well as for any other martial art or even other sports. The fact is that only the top athletes can make it professional and from those just a few of them make wealth because they are the best in the world. So we need to have a big passion and to be very good in order to make the professional way.
I agree a pro fighter have to be champion to make meaningful money that can take care of him and family. I don't think there is much of a bright future in terms of earnings for those who like take their fight to pro levels. The chances of being a champion in the midst of so many other good fighters is slim.
Yep, that happens in most sports though and it's all about the entertainment, meaning, how much TVs and other media are willing to pay for TV rights or people for the tickets. The more money generated by the sport, the more the athletes will be paid.
Ideally you would be able to get good enough to really have a lucrative career. This is probably one of those things that depends mostly on where you are, and it is subject to supply and demand just like anything else.
Yesterday there was an interview on tv of a budding fighter. He said that for a fight he earns only the equivalent of $200. That amount is just the one month salary of a laborer. But if he gets into the ranking of top 10 he would get tenfold of that amount. That is a local fighter. I'm sure international fighters earn more.
$200 as a month salary for a laborer depends on the country, but I get what you mean @Alexandoy. The fact is that you can earn enough in one fight to get you through the month or you can rank up and get to another level of living, it all depends on our skills.
If you are in it for the money aside from loving the sport. Ranking high enough and getting well known might be enough, you can start a school from there since you have a bit of a name. Just an idea though.
Getting a name is important in terms of marketing and advertising, as many top athletes earn more with the commercials than make than with the money they are paid for fighting. They can make millions just with ads!
Let me get it clearly @Alexandoy this $200 he earns for a fight is it if he wins or are you talking about the pay he gets just for enrolling in the fight. If that's the price for winning in the fight, then looks not much of an encouraging pay for all the labor and energy sapping activities.

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