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See, I love seeing the traditional side of martial arts in the east as they came. Their lifestyle is so peaceful and universal, and you can easily see how it ties into what they're doing, their general sense of preparedness and how it helps their love love love love it Big Grin
(06-20-2016, 01:45 AM)PrimoCarnera Wrote: One I can recommend is Muay Thai: Born For The Fight. It is available on YouTube for free here. It is embedded below.

Saw that one. It was quite good!

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Well I happen to love documentaries as a genre as a whole, but I cannot say that I have seen one on Muay Thai, or even heard of one for that matter. I am glad to see that there are some links above and ways to go and find some, so thank you to those users who posted those. I am hoping that there is a full length, more professional quality one out there but maybe I am aiming too high. It should be interesting to watch, though.
Yes, I'm watching some. Although I have started watching them a short time ago, I can already say that I have learned a lot and I am increasingly interested in watching more documentaries. The most interesting thing I find in these documentaries are the kinds of approaches that are made about the subject.
Blessed With Venom John Wayne Parr Documentary is great

PRISON FIGHT Is also interesting about the fights organized to have prisoners in Thailand fight for a reduced sentence or a pardon
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I have never watched Muay Thai documentaries . I'm wondering why I did not think about it before. Now this is the first thing I'm going to watch on YouTube after logging out from here.

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