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Concentration in fighting
When I was a karate student, our basic training was concentration. Our instructor would always emphasize the value of concentration not only in fights but also in other endeavors in life. In our karate lesson, we could break a brick by just using concentration so we wouldn’t feel the pain of impact of our hand on the brick. I used to watch boxing matches and I usually hear the fight announcer saying that one boxer seemed to have lost his focus and couldn’t concentrate on the fight. From my viewpoint, fighters should not just be prepared physically but also mentally as to have a mastery of concentration in fighting.
That's true @Alexandoy, concentration is important in a fight. I've participated in Karate tournaments and most of the time I didn't advance to the next level because I tend to have a small concentration span. Every time the spectators booed or yelled I would lose focus and the opponent would take advantage.
Concentration is a basic aspect and at the same time fundamental to any martial art practitioner who is about to fight. Unfortunately it's not a virtue that everyone has, but it's perfectly possible to train to achieve it (although it may not be an easy task depending on the temperament of the person who needs it).

A concentrated fighter can easily win a fight from any opponent.
I believe concentration is very important to achieve anything not only in sports but in all aspects of life. It also takes perseverance and motivation if you want to reach your goals, and another thing is to make sure to stay on the right track and keep going Smile
That's perfectly correct a fighter whether you are a boxer a karate man, wrestler or any other form of sports concentration is key to being successful. I was made to understand, years back when I was training as a wrestler, that when you concentrate on the fight at hand you channel you energy better. Lack of concentration is equal to dissipating energy on irrelevant sorts same time when a major feat is on hand.

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