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Bad food during training
What do you think are foods to be avoided during training? The first on my mind is sweets because it can be in conflict with the production if energy. Fatty foods can clog the arteries. Too much sugar can harm you. Alcohol is also to be avoided for obvious reasons. Can you add more?
You pretty much covered it all. Excess of anything like salt can also give you bloating post exercise.

Stay away from junk foods, have lots of fresh fruits and veggies plus water along with high protein diet.
I think every fighter has his own adviser on diet or nutritionist for that matter especially the professional fighter. As far as I know, the fighter has a restricted diet to avoid himself of gaining more weight. Foods that are less in salt are usually avoided. And they are allowed to eat more of fruits as a regulating diet. So far that is all I could remember.
Yes I think you've mentioned it all. I would like to add soda because one friend told me to remove soda and junk food if you want to lose weight or even if you're working out as carbonated drinks may be bad for your health, not to mention that it will make you even thirstier and contains lots of sugar.
Good balanced food should be consumed in heavy amounts to build the necessary energy and stamina for training. By balanced food I mean food reach in protein, carbohydrates, the vegetables fruits and the necessary macro and micro nutrients. These food should be eaten in high amount especially the proteins for repairs and strong bones and carbohydrate for the muscle build.
Here's a guide to eating healthy especially when training for a fight.
During training I wouldn't recommend minerals of any brand. These should be avoided the high refined sugar contents and other additives in most of these minerals is not what I consider energy giving for a rigorous activity. They aren't rich in the different classes of food to guarantee adequate energy for the body.
I think fatty foods, too much salt or too much sugar should be avoided at all costs.

Of course there are many other foods that should be avoided but I think these three are a very complicated triad and that should really be avoided. It may not be a very easy task, but it needs to be done (depending on the goal you want to achieve, of course).
I actually had food poisoning the other week and I had no idea that it put you out like that. It was just a reminder that it really is very important to watch what you are eating.

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