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A Legend is Born: The Spinning Elbow
A Legend is Born: The Spinning Elbow

Spinning Elbow

We are talking about ourselves here. Seriously, we have just launched and obviously, we are very excited.


A little introduction, we are a couple of young and passionate people who really want to bring the discipline of Muay Thai to the world. We figured the best way to do that was join the MMA and beat McGregor (K.O) and announce Muay Thai to the world but we are in no shape and we like how our faces look.

The best next thing was provide Muay Thai equipment to the world. So we opened up a store. Believe me, this is not easy. It's like being in the cage with ten McGregor's, no referee, being punched in the face repeatedly and yeah, my mouthguard flew off my mouth like 5 punches ago. But we'll do it.

Why Spinning Elbow?

Well, there are a couple of reasons,

I love the Spinning Elbow. It's like boom, out of nowhere. People say do not show your back but that's exactly how you set up for a Spinning Elbow. And it hurts.
Every other Muay Thai online store is like muaythai this and muaythai that. We wanted something different. Something that actually tells people what we are about.
The domain name was free. Guys, .coms are running out and we need to take what we get.
Our Aim

We actually are very ambitious, we would actually want Buakaw to be our brand ambassador us some day. But we can only get there if everyone who interacts with Spinning Elbow, leaves with a smile(That sentence would not make sense if you take it out of context). So our immediate aim is to keep you guys happy.

This means that if there is anything you want, just email us at If there is something you specific you are looking for that's not in the store just email us and we'll do everything we can to fetch it for you.

As of now, we have Fairtex and Twins Special onboard and we are looking into getting more Thailand Based Muay Thai Brands on Spinning Elbow. They should be up soon.

Wish us good luck guys and go get like a shorts or gloves or something.


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