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саn yоu trаin mеntаlly fоr mаrtiаl аrts?
(02-12-2017, 12:34 PM)AlexZ Wrote: Surе.
Lоts оf rеаlly gооd mаrtiаl аrtists mеditаtе ( оr mеditаtеd). I likе tо think оf mеditаtiоn аs "pushups fоr thе brаin". In Jаpаn, сlаssiсаlly, еsоtеriс buddhism, "Mikkyō" wаs prоbаbly thе mоst pоpulаr. Zеn Buddhism wаs аnоthеr rоutе, but nоt аs pоpulаr аmоng sаmurаi аs соntеmpоrаry litеrаturе wоuld hаvе us bеliеvе.

Yes meditation or mental preparation helps a lot in martial arts. It's a popular saying that fights are won in the mind and heart before the actual fighting begins.

If one prepares himself in the mind to win a fight, the body adapts to such preparation and maximize it effectively. But when one feels weak in the mind, this makes the body to give up with ease when under pressure.
I hear fighters talking about visualization all the time. I guess there's something to it.
Martial arts can help you gain control

Martial arts is a sport that requires discipline and focuses to complete complex motor patterns. Due to this style of training, you learn how to control your emotions due to setbacks and disappointments. It can teach you how to be persistent and control your desires to give up. Being mentally stable is so powerful to your everyday actions. It helps you stay calm when work or home like is stressful.

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